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Okazaki City Civic Center is a barrier-free facility whose architectural design complies with the so-called "Heart Building Law" (Law for Promoting Construction of Buildings Friendly to the Elderly and Disabled).

Okazaki City Civic Center houses the City's first music hall; the Southern Community Center; Okazaki Branch Office; and private facilities. The Center's basement floor, equipped with emergency supply storage, can be used as an emergency headquarters.

Okazaki City has redeveloped the area around JR Okazaki Station, concentrating both governmental and private facilities in northern and southern "core districts." The northern core district features a newly developed complex facility called Okazaki Civic Plaza, which comprises Government Office Building, multi-storied parking lots and Okazaki City Civic Center. These three components of the Plaza are linked by decks (2nd and 3rd floors), leading visitors from the parking lots to the Civic Center via the Government Office Building.

In the concert hall "Coronet" on the fourth floor of Okazaki City Civic Center, both the City government and musicians' groups organize various concerts. In Friendship Square, surrounded by the Civic Center and the other two buildings, the City and citizens' groups hold seasonal events.

On the second floor are the Community Center's classrooms, where visitors can enjoy pottery making and other cultural activities.

Inquiries and Reservations:
For information and reservations regarding the concert hall, rehearsal rooms, Friendship Square, and meeting rooms, please inquire at the office on the first floor.
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