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Concert Hall "Coronet"
Rehearsal Room
Multipurpose Room, Class Room,
Japanese style Room, Cooking classroom, Library
The administrative window business of the resident card, the census registration, the certificate of seal impression.
Okazaki Notary Office, Land and Building Surveyours' Association, Aichi Shiho-shosi Lawyer Association, Coffee shop and restaurant
Okazaki City Civic Center, jointly established by the Okazaki City government and the private sector, opened in April 2002. Please come and enjoy the variety of events held at the Center's concert hall and the adjacent Friendship Square.. Event information is available on this website.

Okazaki City Civic Center
Cultural Promotion Division, Citizen and Cultural Affairs Department, Okazaki City Government
15, Aza Kitono, Hane-cho, Okazaki-shi, Aichi-ken, 444-0813
Tel: 0564-72-5111 Fax: 0564-72-5110